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Macy's East Inc Complaint - Macy's employee complaint
Macy's East Inc Complaint

Macy's East Inc Complaint


Macy's employee complaint

I began a seasonal sales associate job at Macy's two weeks ago. Apparently from the beginning they treat you like a number, as Human Resources had applicants wait in a room for at least two hours prior to receiving an initial interview, which took all but five minutes, and then made us wait in addition at least two hours for a second interview if we were offered such.

My qualm is that after working there for two weeks I was only paid less than half the hours that I actually worked. Another problem is that Macy's actually holds your first week's pay. I don't understand the legality of this. When I complained to one of my managers, apparently my department has about four managers, she was extremely rude and unhelpful. I have received harassment from 3 of the 4 managers, which has included prejudice and badmouthing of me to other employees.
My colleagues have also been humiliated in front of customers by employees not even in their department who randomly interject in conversations. This is a very unprofessional environment. Even though I have received many accolades from customers, who have all been extremely happy with me, I have received no recognition of this service and only insults and harassment from management.

I would not recommend ever working at Macy's, as they pay close to minimum wage, something that is ridiculous for a sales job in NYC and not up to wage standards for 2009. This is how, I believe and is documented, that Macy's makes most of its money, through cutting salaries and wages of employees to the bare minimum and unlivable standards. Also my schedule has been erratic and they lied to me about how my schedule would be, as they stated I would be working nights part time but I have worked full time days, even my first week I worked 6 straight days.

I have tried contacting human resources regarding my pay and apparently no one answers in the office and if you select human resources from the main line it just sends you to an automated message. This is really ridiculous. I am filing a complaint with the department of labor.
Do not work at Macy's, it is a very negative environment.

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Sherrie1 says: (3 years ago)
I have been working for Macy's for 14 years I retaired in 2013 but I came back 3 moth later it's been one year since I came back I recently got transfer to one store to one closest to my home about 2 moth ago, I just found out that they didn't transfer me they put me as a seasonal employees without telling me and I have lost my benefits and my time and is up to the store manager if I am going to stay permanent on the job, if someone can tell me what can I do in this case please help. Thanks, Laura

heymi86 says: (3 years ago)
Hello all ! Iam currently employed by macys and the little i get there is something, yea i struggle and all for 200 bux a week... I think macys dont give a damn fuck about you,managers are like robots they cant do much for, i losty baby when i was three months pregnant, my doctor gave me some restrictions like not lift more than 5 pounds and not stand for a long period of time because of to many loses ive had i was at risk, i gave my letter to hr but for nothing bc when i needed by 15 minute break there was no ome to back me up while i had a line of customers, couple of times needed go to the restroom while pregnant couldnt even go, others employess would look at me with a look like saying why am slow all of the sudden. Sadly i lost my baby of so much stress since i was doin my finals by that time... Anywho ive skipped so many breaks because of low staff. Not just only that there is more to it but this is one of my main ones! They suck they nver gave my pre paid card i fill three forms and nothing !!! I dont understand!!!!!

ERIQIE says: (4 years ago)
hey they same thing just happen to me , Im up trying to find a master plan. They wrongfully accused me of clocking in and going to the break room for an hour.and I got in trouble for doing manually discounts WHEN THEY ALWAYS TELL TO DO IT ! I CAN'T. Macys is a shady company...but than again they are all.They way they talk to me and cornered me in I felt so disrespectful I do nothing but work my ass off for this company and deal with the customers,

Adamross says: (5 years ago)
I agree with every single word. Whos agree?

Shunned says: (5 years ago)
I too have been a Macy's emmployee for over 8 months and lately because my manager doesn't seem to like me as much as the other employees that kiss his ass. So in the last 3 weeks they have only scheduled me 7.5 hrs. Now i depend on my job for survival to live but this means nothing to them of course. They have been hiring new employees for over a month and now the new employees are getting more hours than i am. Forget that the only pay a couple cents over 'minimum wage that is just wrong and in a meeting they even said "nobody's hours will be cut" ha! that's a laugh. I have worked for a lot of company's but they have to be the worst I have ever worked for. So needless to say I am looking for another job since they have got me thrown out of my house and lost everything pretty much. So now homeless I 'm on the lookout for another job. Thanks Charles Davis and Macy's for nothing. I would like to say a few more colorful things about what garbage these people are but I will keep this adult.

kfaz says: (5 years ago)
I am about to rage a corporate legal war on Macy's on behalf of my 19 year old daughter. She has been employed at Macys a very short time. She came home from work tonight stating that Macy's said she owes them 300.00 in cash?? Being she was on commissions and did not meet her sales quota?? She has a statement from one manager stating she was not on commission as of yet?? Additionally she has been subject to harassment and countless company falsities. I will never shop there again and I will make it my personal business to make sure everyone I know including local television stations know the employment crime that goes on there.

jcmoore2010 says: (5 years ago)
that's pretty much the way macy's works...very unprofessional low pay...promotions go to unqualified idiots without a clue...brainless robots to be more exact...

shaTedra1 says: (5 years ago)
I am about to put macys on the map for what they truly are. I believe all of you. Its sad how much work peiple put in at macys an get paid nothing basically

taxpayer123 says: (6 years ago)
I worked for Macy's during the holiday season. I was advised to make sure I filled out a questionnaire to stay on. After reading the comments, I am grateful for not doing what I was advised. I pointed out to the cosmetics manager that she had fell to inventory some items and had made tickets for items that were not there. She got very angry. I was only trying to help. I have aso seen things happening in the store to make me quit shopping there. I feel sorry for vendors in their stores-some of their products are not promoted well-celebrity products. I so hope they are not paying for Macy's to promote them-they should get their money back. I was advised not to buy certain products. I feel sorry for the older employees, I feel they will be pushed out or given sales that they cannot reach. People working there are becoming desperate. I was advised to ring on employee numbers that were not there to give them sales-not right. I think store managers need to walk the floors often-they are getting ripped by their department managers.

LWCORP says: (6 years ago)
I am coming off a year of what can only be constituted as a hostile work environment and a store with the worg on fro st moral I have ever seen. Please, do serious research before sign up for a lesson in what not to do or how to drink the Macy's Kool Aid. Just go in with you eyes wide open.

clair79 says: (6 years ago)
macy's sucks , they are the worst company i ever worked for ,i've been threatened by one of the employees because she wanted to take my sale , i went to the HR to let them know about what happened they said right a report and we care about ur safty two weeks later i was fired simply because Macy's were scared of me law sue them , they said i stayed two times on the floor while im supposed to be at lunch , fine macy's i should have kept a copy of the report that i have but i was stupid didn't save it , i truly regret the hard work that i did for this company , i had a great customer service , never been rude to anybody , so disappointed

spicey45 says: (6 years ago)
I was told in 2009 reviews were going to based on score sheets. Myself and a co-worker from the same department received a 95% for the year. She received a 45 cents raise per hour. me only 30 cents per hour. I bought my case to HR. There reply "just look there is improvement for next year". Other people from the same department also received 45 cents per hour there score only 65 t0 70 for the year.

egrodier says: (7 years ago)
I'm glad to know other people have been made to feel sub-human as I was at Macys.

daisy21 says: (7 years ago)
SEeriously!you all are OVER REACTING!macys does get crazy at TIMES!not all the time but managers and associates are all friendly!..well at least where i work at.i dont have any problems!(: i love it.ive been working there for 7 months

daisy21 says: (7 years ago)
SEeriously!you all are OVER REACTING!macys does get crazy at TIMES!not all the time but managers and associates are all friendly!..well at least where i work at.i dont have any problems!(: i love it.ive been working there for 7 months

daisy21 says: (7 years ago)
SEeriously!you all are OVER REACTING!macys does get crazy at TIMES!not all the time but managers and associates are all friendly!..well at least where i work at.i dont have any problems!(: i love it.ive been working there for 6 months

eb1205 says: (7 years ago)
I fell into the mess of working for Macy's along with a few of you guys. I thought this would be a good place to work. I was hired for their seasonal job. I figured if I keep up my good work, hit my goals, and get those Macy cards, I'll be able to have a job after the holidays. I started in September. I went for the interview and the job I applied for wasn't open anymore, I was asked to work in the Women Shoes Department. I said sure, how bad can it be? Now I regret that. Before leaving the interview I gave them my new phone number. Let's just say they don't know how to call people back properly. They called my cell phone that was broken a dozen times. They would continue to call this number even while I was working there when I changed the number about 5 times for them to know. When I went in for training and to fill out papers, the computer I was on to train and work on the register wasn't working properly. The girl there told me to not bother, just by pass it all, i'll learn on the floor. Mistake number 1. I get thrown into the back of the department learning absolutely nothing. I then get thrown onto the floor, still haven't no idea how to even run the register. My 2 managers were never around, I was pretty much trained by employees that were there about 3-4 months before I started. Here is when the problem started. For a big weekend sale, there was an ad in a paper that Macy's had no idea about. Original 119.00 shoes where on sale for 39.99. After the confusion and clarification, we were told to just go ahead and manually change the price in the register. A manager was there and simply told me that. Not print out this, sign this, do that or this. Nothing. Just change the price. Over time numerous items that were on sale, and were in ads, where not coming up the correct price. So I did what I remembered, change the price. 2 days after Black friday, I get called down to Loss Prevention, where they accuse me of theft, lowering prices to get customers to make my goal, and I end up fired, along with 2 other employees because of their mistake in not being able to train employees properly. This sale, happened a month ago. Why wait so long? Macy's is the worse place for employment. I wish I never worked there at all.

RegularEmployee says: (7 years ago)
The part where LP finds something to fire 5+ years employees (as burgleer1pi says below), I will accept this as an observation about this one particular store. I hope it is not systematic. The practice is so wrong, highly unethical, and any halfway professional loss prevention employee would see this in an instant. It really is a witch hunt is what it is. So, I really hope it is not that bad at too many stores. However, I have been disappointed with loss prevention. The first week I’m working there in men’s suits, this young loss prevention guy calls us up and asks me and a co-worker to go into the dressing room to see if a customer out on the floor will steal something (this is just so wrong on so many different levels, I’ll write it off as this guy being young and inexperienced). A somewhat older LP guy seems to have just the right disposition for the job, and the lady in charge seems reasonable. But still, I call up LP to see what’s the proper procedure for handling empty boxes at the wallets, and as anyone knows, visible sign of theft invites future theft, and they just were not particularly interested. And they don’t make a big deal out of keeping the dressing rooms cleaned, which would also be good theft prevention. Okay, we’ve got to talk about this---common practice is keep 20% off coupons at registers. If the customer asks, “Do you have any coupons?”, you then give the coupon. And frankly, I’ve felt a little bit bad offering it to some customers but not other customers. So, I’ve gone through phases when I’ve gone heavy on the coupon, other phases where only if asked. Now, every manager knows this. It’s almost every register I’ve seen. Or, let me amend this, every manager with a little bit of snap. And yet, during training computer modules and readings (which by the way were pretty lousy), there was the phrase “coupon abuse.” Aha, so they’re going to pounce certain people for what is in fact common practice, and which also is pro-customer to boot and done with the intention of helping the customer. It occurs to me that if you’re on good terms with one of the managers, you might want to ask him or her about this. And then a day or two later you might want to ask to get this in writing to protect yourself. What do you do if a customer asks if you have any coupons?

burgleer1pi says: (7 years ago)
Macys sucks. I wish something would be done about the way they treat their employees. I've had NUMEROUS co workers get fired when they didn't even do anything wrong, the LP guy made up some bullshit to fire each one of them all in a period of 3 months. The interesting thing is, each one of the employees that got fired, had worked there for 5+ years and got paid better than the new employees. They are just weeding out the long term employees. FUCK YOU MACYS, is all I gotta say.

macysmagic says: (7 years ago)
Macy's does nothing but lie to its employee's. I was hired as a "customer service manager" then told the position no longer existed. They told me i would get a raise after 30 days, well i got a raise 7 months later for 10 cents. They told me i was getting hired on FT, had me sign papers and all, then told me i was only part time. I got moved to Shoes and was told i would be getting a raise for it... never got the raise. And now they decided to move me to a non commision dept without consulting me. Macys doesnt care about its employees *Magic*

macysucks says: (7 years ago)
i have been with macys for a few decades and i can truly talk from experience the down fall of macys starred when federated went thru the back door and bought the debt from prudential with out giving macys a chance to come out of bankcrupcy which they could have. the intresting thing was that the courts appointed ullman as a ceo thru bankcrupcy and who did he use to work for federated sad to say that with all the take overs that federated has done their volume is much less then when macys was not part of them they have acquire or destroyed many businesses over the years and they have nothing to show took over fingerhut, may company and many more which has given them over 800 stores for what. i love how cnbc loves to do pogramming on the ill treatment of their employees when trust me macys is much worst they always hit their executives the hardest for they know that they have to much invested to do anything about it i could give you a list you have lundgren sell share holders lots of smoke & mirrors he is so disconnected this new thing called magic is a way to harras employees and customers

iammad says: (7 years ago)
I am very concerned regarding all the Macy employee complaints. I do agree: Macy's has become an exceptionally egregious establishment to work for. The environment is overly oppressive, and employee moral is low. In spite of driving employees to above and beyond their limits in sales and credit card accounts, Macy's still fails to topple the current giants of retail, Walmart and Target. It's only a matter of time: Macy's management is failure waiting to happen. As for the employees, I implore you: hang in there until you can get a better position where you will be treated as a valuable person.

NZ10 says: (7 years ago)
about forwarding discount to customers with supervisor's approval, I have been charged wrongfully by Macy’s Loss Prevention for the amount of $2410.00 which I completely disagree with and am ready to dispute.
First, I was never warned and/or told about this problem, and I was never suspended for it before. It was like Macy’s wanted to get rid of me by lowering my hours week by week. I understand what your policy manual states, but I was never counseled by anyone about it since I was doing from 1st or 2nd week of my job. Plus, as I have mentioned before, I had authorization with my previous supervisor David.
Second, I was very cooperative about the situation, and I was told by Macy’s Loss Prevention that if I cooperate, I will only be suspended and will have my job unless I do not call Human Resources within 24 hours and then Macy’s would have considered it to be my voluntary resignation. However, I did call just to find out I will be terminated.
Finally, I have explained the situation, and I was not stealing money. I was doing it 100% for customer service only, and only once in a while I was making some commission which I did not care about. Because of Macy’s Loss Prevention not warning me even if I reached $100 worth of unauthorized discounts, now they believe I owe Macy’s $3400 and are trying to be generous by giving me 30% discount by assuming for me that number of which I did for customer service and put in my mouth of 70% I have to pay for me trying to get sales. I was in a room where Loss Prevention made me feel guilty when I should never have been in the first place, and I should have had the right to get my lawyer, which they did not let me do and just kept on negotiating to please sign this, please sign this.
However, I accept responsibility fully for only forwarding employee discount once to my cousin which I should have known was wrong, and I am willing to pay for the discount I have passed on to my cousin.
Therefore, I am not paying any money to Macy’s other than my cousin’s discount since I am being asked to pay for something I know I do not owe in the first place, and I am willing to talk about it if necessary. I also require an account of all the discounts I am being accused of. If there will be legal action taken against me, I will be ready to do the same against Macy’s because I am ready to prove my innocence.
Macy’s also owes me my last paycheck which was $48.12 and came to my account as a security deposit but was taken back out immediately. I was told that it would be mailed to me, but it has not been sent. I understand that Macy’s needs to get their draw back but it was about 20-something dollars that I would have owed them. Thanks to Macy’s I am also ineligible for unemployment.

NNYC says: (7 years ago)
I tottaly agree, I worked at Macy's Herald Square cosmetic department, My co-workers were rude, jelous, and un-professional. when i had went for the interview i had told my manger that ive never done sales before and she had told me not to worry and i would have someone to "guide" me... YEAH RITE! all i got were girls and guys talking about one another and telling me who to be careful from (nonsense)...some of my co workers also stole my sales.. when i had asked for help my co workers told me they were with a client and they couldnt help(they lied) i quite after 2 days and i would never ever EVER go back! and the pay truly SUCKS!

saman45 says: (8 years ago)
I am 100% person agree. I work in Macy's with minimum payment. Managers are very rude to the employees. Also Macys made a vironment that always employees figithing to each other in order to ring more that eventually lead to making more money for Macys. The worst thing about Macy's, if they fire people whenever they want.

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